Changing by Leaps and Bounds With Tech

By Larry Drumb, Pool Renovations by Larry / larryspoolcompany@gmail.com

Being in the service industry for 25 years before selling in 2017, our family-run business knew that technology was changing the way we did business. Now though, more than ever, pool professionals need to stay current on the trends to be a reliable resource for their customers.


There are many platform options to choose from to take before and after images of the pool and send them to the customer immediately. This shows dedication, proves the work was completed, and also can help with unforeseen repairs needing to be made. If you don't use a platform to share work with your customers, ask fellow members what works for them. Also, meeting and talking to vendors at the pool show has proven to be a good source for finding new and innovative ways of accomplishing this goal. This small adjustment in having your employees take only a few extra minutes per pool will go miles in terms of customer service and communication.


There are so many cool choices now for the automation of your pool. This is a great way to make some extra money from your existing customers. Ask your distributors and vendors about rebates and co-op dollars to sell more automation. From monitoring chemicals in your customer’s pool remotely. To heating your pool from your phone or turning on the lights from another state, this technology is amazing and offers the ability to generate some extra revenue.


Do you waste time keeping track of your routes and budgeting time for your employees? There are apps for that as well! We are so blessed to be living in a time of cutting-edge technology. Learning new ways of doing business not only can save us time but may also generate more sales and loyal customers.


Just like the first week of learning how to use a new phone, it does take time to learn, implement and execute these new programs. Be patient with yourself, watch tutorial videos, ask for customer support and you'll be surprised how quickly you integrate some great technology into your business.