Keeping Customers Engaged During the Construction Process

By Roy Waldhauer, Waldhauer & Son, Inc. / waldhauerpools@yahoo.com

We all understand how challenging the market is right now. We all know we have to be conscious of pricing. We all are aware that things are changing every day. We are also all saying, “I’m slammed” or “I’m so busy!” It’s become the first thing we say to our contemporaries and customers alike. I recommend that, first, we stop saying this! Busy doesn’t always mean productive and customers want to feel like they are your priority, even though we know most of them are not.

So how do we keep customers engaged and happy during the construction process? The old adage of “communication is key” always stands out in my mind and is a focus at Waldhauer & Son. There is a lot that the customers don’t need to know, but now more than ever, communication, and better yet EDUCATION is paramount to engagement and satisfied customers.

1. Be Upfront

Let your customers know that these are challenging times and what your team is going through to accomplish their goals. Before, I would never suggest letting them know about lumber pricing or products coming from multiple vendors, but now I do and recommend you do too. Spoken professionally, this educates your customers to let them know times have changed and prepares them for expectations. Letting them know you will be upfront every step of the way, and probably be letting them know more than usual, opens the lines of communication which may prevent headaches in the future.

2. Don't Apologize

If you and your team make a commitment, you shouldn’t have to worry about apologizing for things outside of your control. However, if the time comes where an apology is necessary, may I suggest you instead say, “Thank you for your understanding.” The shift of these statements carries weight because it engages the customer in the process. This simple change goes a long way.

We all know how interesting the climate is out there but remember who really creates your business – your customers! Keeping them engaged throughout the entire process by sending them progress pictures, text messages appreciating them, and a handwritten thank you card at completion will keep them referring more business to you – even when times aren’t so profitable.