Recognizing Water Safety Month

Wendy Parker Barsell, FSPA Executive Director, Wendy@FloridaPoolPro.com

How is your company recognizing water safety month?  May is a great opportunity to provide information to your current customers and as a builder, previous customers.  While Florida enjoys mostly year-round swimming, use of swimming pools go up dramatically in May.  Resources are available from FSPA as well as many other organizations. 

The Florida Swims Foundation (FSPA’s charitable organization) is working with local FSPA chapters to encourage increased support of local swimming lesson programs.  In 2020 the FSPA Central Florida Chapter contributed more than $10,000 to support swimming lessons in their geographic area.  Already in 2021 the Manasota Chapter and East Central Florida Chapter is making significant donations to local organizations.  It is our hope that when a parent wants their child to learn to swim there is never a question of how to pay for it.  The FSPA is also (as of this printing) following a bill in the Florida legislature that would provide an appropriation of $200,000 for swimming lessons in specific counties.  Watch for updates on this from Dallas.

I’d love to hear how your organization shares information with customers about water safety.  Do you provide a brochure, a water watcher badge, or something else?  Do you talk about it from the beginning of the relationship?  Share your story with us and inspire others in the organization!