Brian Van Bower, GENESIS Ambassador, CEO of Aquatic Consultants, Inc.

Join me on Saturday, February 20th for BUSINESS 208: Ways to Crush the Competition.

I would like to share the methods I have learned in my almost half-century in our industry. These lessons apply to all segments of the pool industry: retail, service, and construction. I have made and learned from my many successes and mistakes and would like to help attendees avoid having to make the same mistakes so they can just focus on success!

I will disclose my approaches to communication, both verbal and visual. We will focus on how to effectively relate to clients on their level. You will see the importance of ongoing education as our industry grows up. I have been fortunate early in my career to learn how to determine who are my clients and—more importantly—who are not! This allows you to tailor your style and presentation to whatever client base you are serving. We can all learn to better enhance our company’s operating profile to better position us to reach the desired client base.

We will discuss the most powerful secrets of being successful. Learn to determine what your clients truly want and how best to give it to them. Learn to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction to create your own client marketing network. Understanding the value of under-promising and over-delivering in today’s often disappointing business climate can be life-changing. We will look at the whole price-value scenario and make your competition unimportant, if not totally non-existent.

We are in a pleasure-based industry, so working in it should be fun. Let us keep it that way! I certainly do not profess to have all the answers, but I have enough to get attendees on their way to far greater success if you will only allow me to. Our industry has been very good to me and I am anxious to give back to help you achieve more. I look forward to your attendance! 

-Brian Van Bower