Maintenance Goes Beyond the Water.

By Randy Bourbeau, Aquatic Pool Repair, Inc. / randy@aquaticpoolrepair.com

When we talk about commercial pool maintenance, it really is property maintenance. From my experiences, I find that a commercial pool that is one or two years old has already been neglected. We need to make sure the property management companies and board members understand their pools and spas are their largest liability and possibly one of their best amenities. This is even more important, we have to make sure the pool is safe for everyone. We need to understand that a good pool company is responsible to keep pools that are safe open and close the ones that are not until repairs can be made.

I walk up to a commercial pool/spa and scan the area quickly. Does the pool gate shut by itself? Is the water at the correct level? Is safety equipment in order? Are the deck area and tile in good condition, is it safe?  That is all before going to the pool equipment area. Then, is the equipment area locked? Are equipment lids in good condition, hinges, roof jacks? Lift the lids. Are the flow meters, vacuum, and pressure gauges working? Are ORP controllers and chemical feeders working? Is anything leaking?

Do the pumps sound good, are chemical containers marked, water levelers, and backflow preventers in place? Does the vac pump work? Are the plumbing and valves in working order and is anything leaking?

Yes, there is more, but the point I am trying to make is that everything I have mentioned, and there is plenty more, is a possible commercial pool repair. THIS IS MAINTENANCE WORK. This is our job. Most pools and spas, after several years, have been repaired by many different repair people, many with little or no experience. This is bad for the pool industry reputation and we must do better. Most of the repair work I do is caused by a poor previous repair.

A good commercial pool repair person is a little bit electrician, plumber, chemist, mechanic, mason, and detective. Not to mention a contortionist. A good repair puts equipment in the same condition or better than when it was new. There is a place for a “parts changer” but not all part changers make a good repair person. Take pride in doing a good job. Keep learning. Good repair people are rare. BE RARE!  Sorry, I’m a better repairman than a writer, I hope you have a great New Year!