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Staying Organized and Profitable in times of Growth!

Staying Organized and Profitable in times of Growth!

If you’re like the majority of pool companies, this year meant an upswing in business, and possibly even more business than you wanted or could handle.  Business was up, but were your profits, too? Without profitability, an increase in business just takes more of your company’s time and resources.

Tracking your profitability throughout the year is key to running a successful business. It’s not something to put off until the end of the year, when it’s too late to make important changes. Fortunately, there are ways you can monitor and impact your profitability, leaving no doubt that all your hard work was worth it at year’s end.

Many company owners have a natural gut feeling about their profitability – you may not know your exact numbers, but you can generally sense if the company is running well or needs some adjustments. But that gut feeling should be backed up by real numbers, and the good news is that this type of tracking is not difficult. We can group expenses and income into a variety of categories to gain a simple understanding of profitability or performance that leads to profitability. This provides concrete insights with minimal effort, especially during your busy times, ensuring your company is trending in the right direction. 

Our seminar, Discover the Formula to Get Organized and Increase Efficiency, takes a deep dive into these various categories, providing a better understanding of how to measure, monitor and adjust, drastically improving your company’s overall profitability.

Our experience in working with hundreds of pool companies that use Pool Office Manager Software provides us with insights that can help you improve your own profitability. For example, many companies are aware of their largest profitability roadblocks, yet they ignore them, building tasks and processes around them instead of solving the root problem. Not only does the problem remain, but working around it leads to inefficiencies that impact profitability.

We recommend the simple “5-Why” method of understanding the core problem, addressing the root cause and solving it. This approach simply means you drill down through the problem, with each answer forming the next question until you can identify the root cause.

Let’s try a simple example: You know that your profitability is taking a major hit because your crews chronically start their days late. Why? Because they have to wait for the route list from the manager. Why? Your manager can’t create the schedule in advance, and has to wait until morning, because he has to wait on the status of parts and availability. Why? Your company lacks an inventory system, so someone has to physically check part availability before the manager can finalize the schedule.

In this scenario, it only took three “Why” questions to see that the issue with crews getting out on time is actually an inventory tracking issue. This exercise typically takes 3-5 “Why” to find the core problem. Solving core issues and not surfaces issues, will likely solve multiple problems with one solution.  Just like trying to clean a pool efficiently, we provide the tools that help your business operate more efficiently, leading to more sustainable profitability with the least amount of time and effort.

Many pool companies nationwide are challenged by the same issues, and our seminar focuses on business improvement in a physical sense, but also how technology can improve your operations and your bottom line. With so many tools, apps and programs available, it’s easy to reduce the time needed for office-related tasks.  Yet, it’s important to be selective about what technology you use, because the wrong tool can make any job less efficient quickly. This is why we often see many pool companies sticking with manual inefficient processes.

We’ve done the work for you  -  we’ve found, used and verified a handful of tools and programs that can instantly save you time and money, and they’ve done so for many who’ve attended our seminar in years past. Some of these tools are totally free!

Using the right tools and technology can save significant operational hours, and the marginal cost is a no-brainer.  This seminar will walk through the tools we use and recommend to pool companies, along with other tools for tasks such as:

  • ·        Messaging and communication
  •        Customer intake signup forms
  •         Emailed or texted service reports

Often times companies don’t realize how easy it is to adopt a new app or software to increase their efficiency and ultimately profits. Our seminar will show you how and showcase the various software’s that work well together.

We wrap up the seminar with pricing and invoicing strategies, an audience favorite.  We discuss the pros and cons of simple, flat-rate pricing, service + chemical pricing, autopay, pre-pay, recurring pay and nearly all the other ways that pool companies’ invoice and collect revenue.  This segment focuses on the cost of each strategy with examples from companies who’ve tried various solutions.

For example, if your pricing structure includes service cost plus parts/chemicals costs, accurate tracking of any parts and chemicals used is critical. But we’ve found, and many owners admit, that these costs are not accurately recorded, which hurts profitability long term, and sometimes significantly. Does it make sense to go to a flat rate pricing system? Does it make sense to devote time and resources into tracking and record keeping?  How much money are we leaving on the table by “donating” parts that were supposed to be invoiced?

There is no right or wrong answer to anything we’ve mentioned in this article but this seminar will get you thinking. We’ll share behind the scenes information of what other pool companies do, from pricing to operations to invoicing and more.  This information, along with tools, resources and real-world examples, will instantly make an impact on your business, improve your profitability and help it grow along with the rest of the industry that’s booming

Signup for Discover the Formula to Get Organized and Increase Efficiency in Orlando this year on Saturday, February 20. Find it in registration in the Sat AM W305AB block.