Business is booming, let's be thankful

I remember back in April having a discussion with a local member about remodeling my pool.  We agreed this winter would probably be a good time – it was early in COVID shutdowns and we both made the very wrong assumption that the impact on the pool industry would be negative. 

Fast forward six months and the pool industry is booming – for some it’s the best it’s ever been.  Needless to say, my pool will sit in its 1987 glory a little longer!  
In our most recent member business survey, 85% of respondents have an optimistic view of the coming months.   The majority of respondents are still seeing an increase in calls for new pools, remodeling and repairs.  Just over 55% have added employees and 33% are advertising for more employees. 

While 2020 has brought so many things we didn’t expect, we are thankful that the swimming pool industry is our industry.  We are thankful that pool service and construction are considered essential and were able to continue working throughout the pandemic.  We are thankful people who are working from home are taking more time to enjoy their beautiful pools which our industry builds and maintains.  And most of all, we thank you for your membership in the Florida Swimming Pool Association.  

Mark you calendar for our annual trade show – we will be in person, face-to-face, on February 19-20 at the Orange County Convention Center.  I can’t wait to see each of you and thank you for your hard work and dedication to the Florida homeowners during this crazy thing we called 2020!