Pool Routes: Brett Scully

Pool Routes: Brett Scully of Vero Pools – Finding Success and Growth in the Industry

In 2017 Brett Scully was looking for the next big project and career move to sink his teeth into. By early 2018 he had found it in the swimming pool industry in Florida. Jumping into the industry with both feet, Scully purchased and revamped two pool companies on the east coast of Florida to become Vero Pool.

Scully, who brings business skills from working in the printing business in Ohio, considers himself the ‘strategy guy’ of Vero Pool. He handles much of the “customer service, finance, and strategy stuff”. Scully assisted two customers on the phone during his interview with the FSPA, proving his role and commitment to customer service.

Scully is not alone at Vero Pool, and refers to his business partner, Cory Napoli, as the “sweat equity” guy. He handles sales, in-the-field projects, and the outreach efforts. Scully and Napoli, along with 14 employees, have been able to see growth and success with the newly named Vero Pool on the east coast of Florida.

A good deal of hard work, effort and learning has made the initial journey in the swimming pool industry successful so far. Scully has been able to dip into the wealth of knowledge from other area pool businesspeople and FSPA members to help Vero Pool grow and succeed.

“It’s been nice to grow the company, there seems to be enough room for new people in the area and the others in the industry have been welcoming.”

When asked what advice he would give to someone in a similar position to his at the beginning of 2018, Scully talked about the importance of getting involved and learning the business from top-to-bottom.

“I had a call from Naples recently and my advice to them was something I wish I did more of in the beginning: Do every job first. Learn the business from the get-go and shadow people, learn about pumps, and go in and make sure you know about cleaning pools and finance. Learn all aspects of the business early on.”

 It looks like the pool industry is going to stick. Brett joined his local Chapter Board of the FSPA in 2020 and became one of his Chapter’s representatives on the State Board. Be sure to check out Scully’s upcoming article in the October issue of the Florida Pool Pro (sm) Magazine.