Friday, September 25, 2020

2020 Expo Exhibitor Highlight: Pool Office Manager - How to Reduce Calls and Emails from Customers

How to Instantly Reduce Call & Emails from Customers

Imagine you are placing an order at Amazon: you receive your order confirmation email outlining what you purchased, you get tracking updates for your package, and you are told when your package arrives. The entire customer experience is fantastic because it is grounded in communication. You might be wondering what connection this has to the pool industry, but check your company inbox: an email about what day you are coming to complete service, a text about the details of what you will be doing, maybe even a picture from a completed service asking about what you did and, of course, "Was the pool cleaned?"

Communication is vital, both in personal and professional success, and the pool service industry is not exempt. Being able to communicate to your customers effectively will not only reduce their questions and calls throughout, but also build a positive reputation for your business moving forward to potential future appointments.

Where do you start? As previously mentioned, you may rely on a system that answers customers' questions as they roll into inboxes and voicemails. This game of phone tag can be tiring and risky, as customers value receiving information in a timely fashion and may take business elsewhere.  But who has the time for all this communication?

Pool Office Manager understands, and we have developed our pool service software around these very concerns. PoolOfficeManager.com, (POM software), sends detailed service reminders and reports that include pictures via email or text. These messages can contain chemical readings, items/chemicals used, services performed, and much more. 

POM proactively contacts customers with just a click, saving you hundreds of two-minute emails and all-day games of phone tag. We help by providing detailed, undisputable records and pictures to be referenced every time you hear a “They couldn’t have vacuumed they were here for 2 minutes”. This system will take your customer service to a level that sets you apart from other service providers using dated processes and obsolete software. 

Customers use Amazon because it's convenient and easy. This trust and excellent communication can be your reality; not only is it easier for you, but your customers will also love it. They'll be impressed, and these positive opinions will help propel you to growing even faster, increasing your customers' satisfaction and retention—a total win-win.

Customer expectations are set at Amazon, let's together help the pool service industry set the new bar for being exceptional!