S*** You Should Know: LP Gas and Swimming Pool and Spa Contractors Licenses

Situation: I need to complete continuing education for my Swimming Pool and Spa Contractors License and as an LP Gas Master Qualifier.

Question: Are there any courses available that count as continuing education credits for both licenses? 

Answer: In short, no. Continuing education for Swimming Pool and Spa Contractors and for LP Gas Master Qualifiers is overseen by different Florida State Agencies. The Construction Industry Licensing Board (CILB) regulates swimming pool contractors and the Florida Department of Agriculture regulates LP Gas Master Qualifiers. At this time, there are no continuing education courses that are approved by both the CILB and the Florida Department of Agriculture. If you hold both licenses, you will have to complete the 14 hours of swimming pool contractor continuing education and the 16 hours of LP Gas Master Qualifier continuing education. See page 11 for an upcoming LP gas course.


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