How to Answer Customer Questions about Hurricane Pool Preparation

Hurricane season takes place June 1st through November 30th in Florida – there are many misconceptions on what your customers should do during this time - we created this guide on how to answer your customers questions about hurricane pool preparation.

Pool and Spa questions:


Question: Should I drain my pool before an upcoming storm?

Answer: No, do not drain your pool! Keeping proper water levels in your pool is important during a storm because the weight of the water holds the sides and bottoms in place.


Q: What should I do to my pool and spa before a storm hits?

A: Shock your pool – you may lose power for an extended amount of time, meaning your pool should be ‘super chlorinated’ – this will help your pool’s water chemistry.


Q: What about my pool equipment?

A: At minimum turn off all power at the circuit breakers before a storm hits. 

Check for any exposed electrical equipment such as motors, these should be tightly covered with plastic wrap. If flooding is expected, attempt to remove and place at higher ground.


Q: I have pool chairs and tables – should I throw them into my pool before the storm?

A: No – never throw anything into your pool. If you cannot bring those items inside, you can gently place them into your pool.

Although, be weary of doing this with vinyl or fiberglass pools and never place any glass into your pool. 




Q: Are there any resources that you can share with me about hurricane pool preparation?

A: Yes! FSPA has many resources that you can share with your customers.

FSPA's Consumer Hurricane Pool Safety page along with images and videos you can share!