Ready to hire an apprentice?

Ready to hire an apprentice? See you June 17

By Mary Anderson, FSPA Education Program Manager / mary@FloridaPoolPro.com

Recently I had a conversation with a member who did not understand the reasoning behind FSPA’s sponsorship of an apprenticeship program. The answer, FSPA members were looking for a way to build a highly skilled workforce, trained to meet the specific needs of the industry. Apprenticeships help employers to develop this workforce, increase productivity, raise morale, and reduce turnover. Apprenticeship offers the opportunity to train to meet specific skills and needs. 

The program is comprised of guided on-the-job training (OJT) and related instruction to assist with developing the skills your employee needs to be successful. The swimming pool and spa servicing apprenticeship requires 4,000 hours (2 yrs.) OJT and 288 hours (144 per yr.) related instruction. 

For more information, attend the upcoming employer information workshop June 17 in Sarasota. During the workshop every member company, large or small, will have the opportunity to learn about the FSPA sponsored apprenticeship program and how easy it is to develop and implement the apprenticeship program in their business to address their specific workforce needs. 

Another way to promote a steady workforce is to bring awareness to the next generation of Florida pool pros, FSPA volunteers have regularly attended the Future Builders of America Leadership Summit and SkillsUSA Leadership Conference and Skill Competition. Both organizations help introduce students to rewarding opportunities in the trades. Due to COVID19 and school closures, both organizations made the tough decision to cancel the annual events. Both conferences have been rescheduled for next year. I encourage our members to continue supporting their local student organizations. 

FBA Leadership Summit – March 4-7, 2021 – Haines City, Florida. 

SkillsUSA Florida Conference – April 11-14, 2021 – Jacksonville, Florida.


Training your current employees can keep their skills sharp.  The T.E.C. Center calendar is dedicated to keeping our members informed of education/training events. Training opportunities scheduled during the last few months had to be cancelled and are in the process of being rescheduled. Check the calendar often for daily updates. Upcoming certificate programs on the schedule include the Swimming Pool and Spa Certification and the Florida Public Pool Specialist course. Certified license holders are required to renew their contractor’s license before or on August 31, 2020. If you still need credits to meet the 14 hours of continuing education requirement for license renewal, there are CE classes on the calendar.

Learn more and register online for our upcoming FSPA's Apprenticeship Information Workshop for Employers