S*** You Should Know

Q: I want to qualify an additional Business with my Swimming Pool Contractor’s License, do I need to file any paperwork with the CILB?

A: In short, YES. All businesses engaged in any swimming pool contracting (repairs,equipment install or replacement, renovations, remodels, new construction, etc.) whatsoever must be officially qualified by Certified or Registered Commercial, Residential, or Service Contractor and are limited to the scope of work of the qualifying contractor. To legally qualify a business an application must be filed with the CILB and the application must be approved before that business is legally able to perform or enter into contracts for contracting services. Failure officially qualify a business entity with the CILB means that any contracting work done by that business is unlicensed contracting which can result in criminal and civil penalties for both the unqualified business operator and any contractor allowing that business to advertise or submit plans under their license.