Monday, February 10, 2020

Swimming Pool Florida Building Commission Seat at Risk! Call Now!

Representative Paul Renner

             Capitol Office: 850-717-5024

Representative Blaise Ingolia

            Capitol Office: 850-717-5035

Representative Chris Sprowls

            Capitol Office: 850-717-5065

Talking Points

-FSPA opposes any Amendment to HB 1193 that removes the swimming pool contractor from the Florida Building Commission.

-Contractors must be represented on the building commission.

-The Swimming pool industry is vital to Florida, bringing in over $7 Billion per year, building 25,000 new pools per year, and employing over 80,000 Floridians.

-The Swimming Pool and Spa Industry needs a seat at the table.

Suggested Phone Script:

Hi my name is ___________ I am a member of the Florida Swimming Pool Association. I am calling today about HB 1193.  I am opposed to any amendments to HB 1193 that would remove the Swimming Pool Contractor seat from the Florida Building Commission.

The Florida Swimming Pool Industry is mostly made up of small businesses that employ over 80,000 Floridians and generative over $7 Billion in annual revenue. The swimming pool contractor seat on the Florida Building Commission is ensures that the Florida consumers and businesses are represented in the building code. Please do not eliminate the Swimming Pool Contractor Seat on the Florida Building Commission.  Thank you for your time