Thursday, January 30, 2020

VIDEO: Government Affairs Update for 1/31

2020 Legislative Session – Week 3

This week the Florida Legislature

HB 4245:

SUMMARY: Childhood Learn to Swim Programs by Rep. Clay Yarborough and Senator Travis Hutson. A $200,000 appropriation to the Florida Swims Foundation to support existing childhood learn to swim programs in Broward, Hillsborough, Manatee, Miami-Dade, Pasco, and Pinellas Counties. The goal of this appropriation is to identify and multiply the effectiveness of childhood learn to swim programs that have potential to be scaled up for statewide implementation. This is a starting point for ensuring that every child in Florida has the opportunity to learn to swim before they enter kindergarten.

FSPA Position:    SUPPORT

Bill Status:           HB 4245 – Assigned committees, not scheduled for hearing at this time.


HB 707 / SB 1124:

SUMMARY: Professional Licensing Sunset by Rep. Paul Renner (R-St. Johns, Volusia) / Senator Many Diaz, Jr. (R-Miami-Dade) are an extreme set of bills that would sunset all professional licensees in the state of Florida at staggered dates unless the legislature reauthorized the licensing statutes. Under these bills all construction contracting licensing would sunset on July 1, 2024.

FSPA Position:    OPPOSE

Bill Status:           SB 1124 – Assigned committees, not scheduled for hearing at this time.

                                HB 707 – In Health and Human Services Committee        

SB 474 / HB 1193:

SUMMARY: Deregulation of Professional Licensing by Senator Ben Albritton (R-DeSoto, Glades, Hardee, Highlands, Okeechobee Charlotte, Lee, Polk) and Rep. Blasé Ingolia (Hernando) is the 2020 version of the professional licensing deregulation omnibus bill that failed to pass in the 2019 session. The current text of SB 474 contains all of the amendments that FSPA’s Government Relations team negotiated for during the 2019 session while HB 1193 still contains the 4 year degree licensing exam exemption. The FSPA Government Affairs Team is working with Rep. Ingolia to eliminate the exam exemption from HB 1193.

FSPA Positon:    SUPPORT SB 474

OPPOSE HB 1193 as written

Bill Status:           SB 474 – In Commerce and Tourism Committee

HB 1193 – Passed Government Operations and Tech Subcommittee on 1/27/2020


SB 1102 / HB 1169:

SUMMARY: Sub-Contractor License Exemption by Senator Joe Gruters and Rep. Lawrence McClure will give swimming pool and spa contractors an exemption to allow the hiring of sub-contractors who do not have a State or Local sub-contractor license.  This is the same exemption that Florida home builders have known as the “Jim Walter Exemption.”  This bill will not eliminate Swimming Pool Specialty Subcontractor Licenses. 

FSPA Position:    NEUTRAL

Bill Status:           SB 1102 – Passed Industry, Innovation, & Tech Committee 1/21/2020

HB 1169 – Assigned committees, not scheduled for hearing at this time.


SB 1122:

SUMMARY: Emergency Phones at Public Pools by Senator Jason Pizzo (D-Miami-Dade) would allow public pool owners to voluntarily install permanently mounted emergency telephones that are connected directly local emergency services to be used in the event of drowning or other emergency. If a property owner elects to install an emergency phone at their pool the owner will be eligible for discounts to their general liability insurance.

FSPA Position:   SUPPORT

Bill Status:           SB 1122 – Assigned committees, not scheduled for hearing at this time.


HB 1405:

SUMMARY: Mandatory Emergency Phones at Public Pools by Rep. Mike Grieco (D-Miami-Dade) would mandate that public pool owners install permanently mounted emergency telephones that are connected directly local emergency services. The bill mandates that all phones would have to be installed by December 31, 2020.

FSPA Position:   OPPOSE

Bill Status:           HB 1405 – Assigned committees, not scheduled for hearing at this time.


SB 1154 / HB 623:

SUMMARY: HOA Public Pool Exemption by Senator Dennis Baxley (R-Sumter, Lake, Marion) / Rep. Jason Shoaf (R-Calhoun, Franklin, Gulf, Jefferson, Lafayette, Liberty, Madison, Taylor, Wakulla, Leon) would create and exemption from Department of Health oversight for community pools that serve Home Owners Associations with less than 32 single family parcels. The FSPA Government Affairs Team is working with bill authors to introduce amendments to the bills that would lower the exemptions for Condominiums and HOAs to 16 or fewer units/parcels.

FSPA Position:   OPPOSE as written

Bill Status:           SB 1154 – Passed Innovation, Industry, & Tech Agenda for 1/27/2020

HB 623 – Passed Civil Justice Subcommittee 1/22/2020

HB 283 / SB 868:

SUMMARY: Construction Liens and Bonds by Rep. Jackie Toledo and Senator Ben Albritton rewrites multiple provisions of the Florida Lien law. Including adding Construction Management Services to the contractor definition for lien law purposes, specifies that the statutory lien waiver must be accepted unless a different waiver is contractually agreed to and will allow work to continue during termination of commencement and recommencement process.


Bill Status:           SB 868 – In Judiciary Committee, Postponed.

HB 283 – In Commerce Committee

HB 897 / SB 1422:

SUMMARY: Construction Liens Privity by Rep. Ana Maria Rodriguez and Senator Anitere Flores Would require all Contractors, Sub-Contractors, and Material Suppliers to have a direct contract with a property owner to enforce a construction lien claim against a property.


Bill Status:           SB 1422 – Assigned Committees

HB 897 – Assigned Committees

2020 Florida Building Code:

The Florida Building Commission Staff has completed the first draft of the 2020 Florida Building Code integration draft based on the adopted code modification proposals and is now available for review.

The Florida Building Commission Swimming Pool Technical Advisory Committee met January 28, 2020 in Gainsville to discuss comments on the first integration draft.  The FSPA Government Relations Team attended the Swimming Pool TAC Meeting representing FSPA’s code modification positions and interests. The majority of the comments discussed by the TAC dealt with clerical errors made in the integration drafting process.

Florida DOH Commercial Pool Resurfacing Form:

Starting on February 1, 2020 the Florida Department of Health will begin requiring swimming pool contractors conducting a resurfacing of a commercial swimming pool to file the new Department of Health Notice of Resurfacing form the State DOH office in the county where the commercial pool is located. The purpose of the new form is to give notice to the DOH that a swimming pool under their jurisdiction is undergoing renovation and to ensure that all of the upgrades required by the building code are made to the swimming pool when it is resurfaced. FSPA worked closely with the DOH to make sure that this form is implemented uniformly throughout the state.

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