Pool Routes: Maurice Bushroe Went from 500 Employees to 1

Current Florida Swimming Pool Association (FSPA) treasurer Maurice Bushroe’s success as the owner of Blue Ribbon Pools wasn’t overnight and it wasn’t even close to planned.

Bushroe started off cleaning his mother’s and next door neighbor’s pool when he was a kid.  It was a kind gesture and a way to help out and lend a hand.  Bushroe never once thought he would be doing this as a profession down the road.

“I finished off college and then landed a job in the commercial printing industry,” said Bushroe.  “I did this for over 21 years as a sales and manager executive, managing over 500 employees.”

After two decades in the printing industry, Bushroe was ready for the next challenge.  He moved to Florida in 2002 and was ready to purchase a printing company and become a business owner, one of his lifelong goals.

“The deal ended up falling through,” said Bushroe.  “I saw the east central Florida market as being underserved in the commercial swimming pool sector and I decided to buy a small swimming pool company, Blue Ribbon Pools, instead.”

Bushroe would trade in his suit and tie for a t-shirt, shorts and a pool skimmer.  After three weeks of training from the company’s previous owner, he jumped right into the field.

“I remembered nothing from the training,” said Bushroe citing that at first, being a pool professional did not come easy.  “I had 40 residential pools and 9 commercial pools to start off.”

Bushroe, with his one part-time employee, were focused on building up their commercial pool roster.  During the process, Bushroe recalls a moment when he realized he would be successful as a business owner.

“It was during the major hurricanes in 2004,” said Bushroe.  “We worked 31 straight days to get our customers up and running and we took every measure possible to do so.”

This effort made it apparent that Blue Ribbon Pools’ view of customer service was different from everyone else.

“We were using our pick-up trucks and chains to pull trees out of people’s pools during those hurricanes,” said Bushroe.  “That’s when I realized people valued our dedication to customer service and that was a big part of our success.”

Today, Blue Ribbon Pools is one of the largest integrated pool companies in east central Florida.  They clean, repair, renovate and build commercial and residential pools and have a retail store.

It may not have been the plan 30 years ago, but Bushroe has no regrets jumping into the swimming pool industry and still loves what he is doing.

“I can talk swimming pools all day,” said Bushroe.  “I love what I do.”

Bushroe currently serves on FSPA's executive committee and is a member of the FSPA East Central Chapter.