FSPA Launches Florida Swims Foundation Facebook Page

FSPA recently launched the Florida Swims Foundation Facebook page.  The Foundation, formerly Swimming Pool Education and Safety Foundation, funds swimming lessons throughout Florida and the dissemination of safety information and materials.

In 2017 in partnership with local FSPA chapters, $27,095 in grants were provided for swimming lessons. FSPA’s 16 Florida chapters collaborate local organizations, such as Safe Kids, Boys & Girls Clubs and YMCAs, to bring important water safety messages and swimming lessons directly to families with young children.

“We need to get the word out to as many parents as possible that swimming lessons for children can absolutely save lives,” said Wendy Parker Barsell.  “Especially in Florida, where there are pools and bodies of water everywhere we turn.”

The Facebook page will share swim-related content to promote the benefits and lifesaving capability that swim lessons can have on our youth.  The goal of the page is to push parents to find swim lessons in their communities for their children, so they can be safe and prepared if their little one ever finds themselves near a body of water alone. 

FSPA encourages all of its members to follow and support the Florida Swims Foundation Facebook page, which can be found by visiting here. This will be a great source of content for pool companies to share to their own social media accounts. 

The foundation plans to launch an Instagram page and website in the very near future.