Pool Routes: Laura Castanza's Love for Aquatics and Teaching Leads to Dream Role

Laura Castanza, the Director of Education for the Team Horner Group, had a unique introduction to the pool industry at a young age. 

“My father has been an inventor and formulator of swimming pool surfaces for decades,” said Laura, “As a family, we spent most of our time in and around water.”

The South Florida native watched her dad become increasingly fascinated by cements and aggregates, and resolute in applying them as swimming pool finishes.  

It was only a matter of time before she would contribute. 

“After I graduated college, he asked if I was interested starting a business to build Hydro-Torque water driven tools,” said Laura.  “So, I jumped right in!”

After 10 years of tools and pools, Laura went through a personal and professional evolution away from the industry, and opened a co-operative  art gallery with a friend. However, three years into the venture the recession hit that forced the gallery to close. But, she had remained close to her dad and his work and ended up pursuing an opportunity with a swimming pool & spa retailer/contractor in Boca Raton.

“It was a full-service company that gave me huge insight into the mechanisms of the swimming pool/spa industry, “said Laura. “Through working a number of roles, it taught me everything I needed to become an educator.”

Laura landed one of her dreams jobs as an educator at her current employer, Team Horner Group.

“I really love what I do,” said Laura.  “It’s conscious, creative, and collaborative.”