Scholarship Stories: Bryant Howard Captures Full-Time Engineering Job

Bryant Howard, a senior at USF in Tampa, has received the FSPA Scholarship Award all four years of his college career.  He can’t help but feel ‘blessed’ for what the scholarship has allowed him to achieve in his academics and profession.

The electrical engineering major is currently wrapping up a 10-week internship at Power Design Inc., an engineering firm that builds high-rise hotels and apartment buildings.

“Right now I work with the fire alarm team,” said Howard.  “My day to day includes finding out how these fire and safety systems are installed and at what cost.”

You might ask what is next for Howard.  Well, Power Design liked his presence so much, they have offered him a full-time role starting next June.

Bryant credits the FSPA Scholarship with playing an important role with his recent success. 

“The FSPA Scholarship is a peace-of-mind type of thing,” said Bryant.  “To get support from the FSPA feels more psychical than monetary because I know I have a whole group of people who support me and believe in me.”

In 2018, the FSPA has given over $36,000 in scholarship awards.

“Scholarships are so important,” said Bryant.  “With tuition, rent and books increasing each year, it’s comforting knowing that I have a decent amount of money from the FSPA that I can tap into.”