What's your #1?

BY Wendy Parker, FSPA Executive Director 

What’s your #1? I had the honor of joining Team Horner on their 50th anniversary celebration cruise a few months ago.  Horner provided FSPA the opportunity to talk about membership during their education track on sea days. 

I took this time to review the benefit programs including the importance of our government affairs program on both the local and state levels, as well as the college scholarship program, which had 100% of the 2018 awards matched by the Bill Kent Family Foundation.  

After my talk on the first morning, a pool pro from New York came up and asked more questions, praising the number of member programs we offer and asking if he could join. Of course! Sneaking in at the end of another session later in the week I had to be quick and to the point. 

So, I asked the room “what are FSPA's benefits?” The packed room rattled off more than 6 different benefits in a matter of seconds. Each person shouted out the program which benefits their company – it is their #1.

You can ask ten different members, even ten different employees at the same company, what’s their #1 and they will likely be diverse answers – arbitration, prescription drug card, Staples discount card, college scholarships, 5 Star Impression, government affairs, free education, local chapter activities, using the FSPA logo, find a pool pro search function.