Pass Along Hurricane Pool Preparation Information to Your Customers

As we await Dorian’s track, it’s important that we are prepared for severe weather.  FSPA has prepared materials for you to share with your customers on your social media channels and website that will allow them to make sure their pool is ready and prepped for the inclement weather we will potentially see.

Wendy Parker, Executive Director of FSPA, has prepared a video outlining instructions on how pool consumers can protect their pools during Hurricane season.  To share this video, simply copy this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovjnpL4LmjM and post it on your facebook page.

We’ve also created an info-graphic that outlines these tips in the image below.  To save, place your mouse over the info-graphic, right-click and hit “save image”.  This image can be shared on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Most Florida residents know the drill during Hurricane warnings in relation to stacking up on supplies and essentials; however, many don’t know how to protect their pools during these storms.  There’s various myths out there on how to properly prep your pool for bad weather, so make sure to share these tips with your customers!