FSPA Unveils Education-Based Video Library

Members of the Florida Swimming Pool Association now have access to a brand new digital video library that features educational lectures and training on various topics related to the pool industry.  Viewers can learn from the top leaders in the swimming pool field from the comfort of their own home or office. 

“Whether you’ve just started or have 25 years of experience, our newly launched educational video library will allow pool professionals to maintain their skills and knowledge in the industry,” said Mary Anderson, FSPA’s Education Manager.  “FSPA has made it a priority to think of new, innovative ways to bring education and training programs to our members.”

FSPA’s video library currently consists of over 394 minutes of refresher courses and general business practice videos.

The current topics covered in this video library are:

·         Workers’ compensation for the swimming pool industry.

·         Approaches to water chemistry.

·         Workplace safety practices.

·         Employee retention.

The Florida Swimming Pool Association’s video library can be found by clicking here.  Please note, you must have your FSPA website login credentials to access this page.