FSPA Scholarship Program Helping Students Chase Dreams

By: Steve and Zoe Adams
      Richard’s Pool Service
       Lakeland, FL

On the 2nd of June 2019 at the Lincoln Center in New York, Tom graduated from St. George's University, Grenada, with his Medical Doctorate. He now heads to Marshall University in Huntington, WV to take up a position as a Surgical Resident for the next five years. He’s about to find out the real meaning of hard work!

The reason that this is news is because Tom is the son of an FSPA Member Company and has been a multi time recipient of FSPA scholarship awards, totaling many thousands of dollars during his three years of undergrad at UF, two years of post grad at UF and then a further three years of doctorate studies at St. George's University. I’m not sure exactly how much he’s been given over the years but we guarantee it runs into five figures!

We write this firstly as a huge thank you to the FSPA and the Scholarship Selection Committee who have been so generous over the years, not only to our son, but also to our daughter, Melissa, who attended Florida Southern College in Lakeland. Secondly to encourage anyone who, as a member, has a child heading to college, or an employee who has college age children, to apply. It isn’t an arduous task completing the application and we're guessing that very few will say that they don’t need the help paying for college.

Whilst many will not have their hand in the FPSA’s pocket for as long as our son, we need to impress upon you the importance of what the FSPA scholarship fund does and that any assistance with the cost of education, should not be ignored.

Once again, thank you to the FSPA and to the Scholarship Selection Committee. Keep up the good work. You have our eternal gratitude and we know Melissa and Tom feel the same.