Pool Routes - Jonathan Mosher

Paths to the Pool Industry, Jonathan Mosher

Jonathan Mosher is currently the president of A&D pools, an all-encompassing pool company focusing on service. 

Jon’s path to becoming a pool professional was paved for him when he was younger, there’s no question about that.

“As early as 10 years old I was in the family pool store,” said Jon.  “At the age of 14 I was out on different jobs, working on pools, specifically cleaning them.”

Jon’s family is from Ohio.  They ran a construction business where they built pools.  This is where Jon learned the ropes of the profession.   As Jon become older, he would eventually transfer to the construction and building side of the business.

“When I was 18 I was running a crew of pool-builders,” said Jon. 

Like anyone in a profession, Jon has faced his challenges.  After Jon graduated college, the family dialed their business way back, nearly closing it down.
“I actually got a different job,” said Jon.  “I went into the fire and security industry.”

Jon ended up obtaining 5 certifications in the Fire and Security in Ohio. After a year of that Jon wanted to get back into the pool industry.

“After 14 months of a different career, I realized this just wasn’t my thing,” said Jon.  “I love pools, it’s what I do.  I made the choice to get back into the industry after some long thinking.”

Jon talked to his parents and expressed his intention to jump back into the swimming pool industry. Jon and his parents agreed that this would be a family effort.  They decided to pack up and move a thousand miles away to Florida, where the pool industry has thrived. 

Jon made the first move, moving to Florida to work for a company he liked, while his parents followed suite a few months later to join him with that same company, A&D pools.

“I started running the company by myself,” said Jon.  “Ever since then we’ve been rocking and rolling.”