Tuesday, March 19, 2019


By Greg Bowers, Pinch-A-Penny / cane2000@bellsouth.net

As we continue to see growth in the number of people moving to Florida and the number of new pools being built each year, plus an already large number of existing pools, the need for pool service is in demand even more each year.

We have several other factors that will increase demand as well.  Florida has a very large baby-boomer population that is getting older and no longer physically able to service their own pools.  Generation X pool owners are generally working too many hours and are hiring pool companies to help “free up” their weekends from so much work.  And then there is the Millennial, who is interested in freeing up as much additional time as possible.  Studies have shown that most Millennials would rather pay a fee than be inconvenienced by most common household tasks.  By the year 2020, experts predict that 35% of the US workforce will be made up of this generation.  They see great value in shopping for everything online. They waste no time standing in line to order fast food, they order it on their phone and have it delivered to wherever they are.

A shift in how pool cleaning and repair services are being hired has already begun.  Companies with a strong internet presence and great reviews (5 stars) will get the first shot at servicing these customers.  Keep in mind they are the most technologically advanced generation and will expect you to be tech friendly.  They will want to hire you over the internet instead of in person. Quick response by text or email will work best for them when they want to communicate with you.  They will lift your company up or make it go tumbling down with a social media comment that will reach thousands at the touch of their phone.

As the Millennial generation slowly grows older and occupies more and more houses with swimming pools, the need for pool cleaning and repair companies will grow as well.  One part of keeping your future bright in the pool industry is making sure you can meet the expectations of this next generation customer.