Executive Shuffle
Allison Sitte was named director of legislative and cabinet affairs for the Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs.
Erin Moffet will be Federal Affairs Director for the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services under Democratic Commissioner Nikki Fried.

Campaign Shuffle
Dan Daley was the only candidate who qualified in the special election for House District 97, and so won by default. However, he will not be sworn in until after the set Special General Election date of June 18, 2018.

So far, there have been 2,735 bills filed for the 2019 Session. There are 10 days left until Session starts on March 5th. There are 23 days until St. Patrick’s Day!

Noteworthy this Week
Ron DeSantis wants Floridians to access cheaper prescription meds from Canada

TALLAHASSEE, Tampa Bay Times — Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Wednesday that he wants to give patients access to cheaper prescription drugs from Canada, making Florida the latest state to try to import medications to reduce rising health care costs.
“Once we get this in place, U.S. citizens will be able to have access to more affordable drugs,” DeSantis told a cheering crowd at The Villages, a retirement community near Orlando.
Flanked by Florida House Speaker José Oliva and Secretary of the state Agency for Health Care Administration Mary Mayhew, DeSantis said he would ask state lawmakers to pass a bill allowing such drug imports from Canada. The federal government would still need to approve it, something it hasn’t done since it passed a law to create the process in 2003.

Lawmakers Want to Limit Local Regulations: HB 3
The House Business & Professions Subcommittee voted 9-5 along party lines to approve HB 3, which seeks to eliminate existing local business regulations as of July 1, 2021, and prevent new regulations. The bill would lead to the state largely having control of the regulation and licensing of professions at the local level — such as construction. The bill specifically prohibits local governments from requiring a license for a person whose job scope does not substantially correspond to a contractor type licensed by the Construction Industry Licensing Board (CILB), and specifically precludes local governments from requiring a license for: painting, flooring, cabinetry, interior remodeling, driveway or tennis court installation, and decorative stone, tile, marble, granite, or terrazzo installation, plastering, and stuccoing. There is no Senate companion currently.

Permit Fees: SB 142, HB 127
The House bill saw no action this week and remains in the House State Affairs Committee. The Senate bill remains in the Senate Innovation, Industry, and Technology Committee. The bill requires the governing bodies of counties and municipalities to post permit and inspection fee schedules and building permit and inspection utilization report on their website.

Swimming Pool Definition: HB 757
HB 757 was referred to the Health Quality Subcommittee; Health Care Appropriations Subcommittee; and Health and Human Services Committee on February 20. The bill clarifies that manmade lakes or lagoons with a surface area of 43,000 square feet or more are not considered a public pool as defined in s. 514.011 F.S. and s. 515.25 F.S.

Construction Qualifications: HB 351, SB 674
We are concerned these bills would increase unlicensed activity in Florida. Neither bill has been heard in committee yet.

Swimming Pool Safety: SB 724, HB 805
Neither bill has been heard in its first committee yet. We have expressed our concerns to the Senate sponsor Ed Hooper and asked the Florida Realtors to meet with him.

Floodplain Technical Guidance Document
As of now, this seems to be a dead issue. We are scheduling a meeting with James Bussey, the FDEM Chief of Staff, as a follow-up.

Produced in conjunction with Bruce Kershner, FSPA Regulatory Consultant.

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