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The Florida Swimming Pool Association was founded in 1959 and has 16 chapters across the state. The 700 member companies state-wide are involved in their local community, sponsoring water safety events and fundraising for local charities, and actively advocate for the swimming pool industry. Take advantage of the awesome benefits below and so much more! Click here to join today.

Mission: Advancing Florida’s swimming pool industry.

To support safety education and swim lessons, visit the Florida Swims Foundation at www.FloridaSwims.org

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Florida Swims Foundation Raises $2,675 for Swim Lessons on Giving Tuesday

Florida Swims Foundation Raises $2,675 for Swim Lessons on Giving Tuesday

During #GivingTuesday on Dec. 3, 2019, the Florida Swims Foundation raised $2,675 to help fund swim lessons for young children in Florida.  The organization, which is the charitable arm of the Florida Swimming Pool Association (FSPA), has its visions set on ensuring every child in the Sunshine state has a swimming lesson before kindergarten.  


Pool Industry PAC Picking Up Momentum for Big Push

At the June board meeting, PIPAC chairman Adam Alsott of Tropical Pools kicked off the 3 year goal of raising $500,000.

To recap, PIPAC Contributing to the Pool Industry Political Action Committee (PIPAC) allows relationships to be built and candidates supported for election who are instrumental in FSPA maintaining a presence during legislative session.  PIPAC and FSPA will protect the profitability and future of your business. Every day this organization is advocating for you on issues that impact your business. 

Dallas Thiesen, FSPA Government Affairs Manager, is spearheading the PIPAC effort on behalf of FSPA.

“PIPAC supports FSPA’s legislative and regulatory goals though public awareness and action campaigns, targeted candidate support, and through independent expenditure campaigns,” said Thiesen. “PIPAC leverages the electoral political process to promote the Swimming Pool and Spa Industry and to promote a healthy swimming environment for the bathing public.”

Alsott made a contribution of $5,000, noting that the work ahead of us is big and will require support from everyone. Ben Evans of American Pools and Spas matched Adam's gift and pledged that the Central Florida Chapter will contribute $5,000 when 5 members have given $5,000. 

The FSPA Northeast Chapter pledged $5,000 and the FSPA Manasota and West Coast Chapters gave $1,500.

In addition, the FSPA board voted to match members' contributions to PIPAC up to $50,000 a year over the next three years.

“FSPA and the PIPAC Committee will continue to work tirelessly to build PIPAC’s donor base and promote PIPAC as the premier Swimming Pool Industry Political Action Committee in Florida.” said Thiesen.

If you’d like to make a donation, you can online by clicking here.  If you’d like more information, please call the FSPA office at (800) 548-6774 or visit www.PoolPAC.com to make your contribution.

Pictured: from left to right: Jim Bingold (FSPA President), Ben Evans, Adam Alsott, Rick Howard (West Coast), Ray Kurilavicius (Manasota) and Greg Bowers (Northeast).




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