$25 a year per plate will go to the Florida Swims Foundation! First year costs is $33 plus a replacement plate fee of $27-$45. The following years is $30 on your registration fees with $25 going to the Foundation.


  1. How can I pre-order a plate?
    You can complete the online form on this page and then mail a check for payment to the Florida Swims Foundation, or you can contact your local tax collector/DMV for their purchase options. Each county has their own system and some offer an online option to order one plate at a time while others only take the pre-order in person. Here is a link to a list of county locations if you would like to see their options.

  2. What info do I need to order for company vehicles?
    Just your FEID# and how many plates you want! We don't need plate numbers or any specific details for each company vehicle for the pre-order. Once it comes time to redeem your vouchers for the plate you will let them know which vehicle it will be applied to. Plates are for standard vehicles only. They are not available for trailers or commercial vehicle registrations (box trucks / large vehicles that require special registration due to weight).

  3. What happens to my payment if the plate doesn’t reach the pre-order minimum within the 24 months allowed for pre-orders?
    You will then be able to request a refund via form 83363 which will be emailed out to you by us if the plate will not go into production.

  4. Do I have to pick up the license plate in person or can I receive it by mail?
    You will need to ask your local office. Many allow you to receive it by mail if you prefer not to stop in and pick it up.

  5. Will I receive a receipt?
    Once a month Florida Swims will submit the pre-order information, for those who filled the form and sent a check, to the FLHSMV via the Sarasota Tax Collector’s Office. After they process it you will receive a receipt from them.

  6. How much money actually goes to the Florida Swims Foundation?
    $25 per plate per year goes to the Foundation to fund free swim lessons. The first year your cost is $33 plus a plate replacement fee of $27-$45. The following years it is $30 charged on top of your vehicle registration with $25 going to the Foundation.

  7. Can I get a plate for a trailer?
    No. Plates are for standard vehicles. They are not available for commercial vehicle registrations either (box trucks / large vehicles that require special registration due to weight).